Mind mapping with SketchFlow

Recently Microsoft released version 3 of Expression Blend, a tool used primarily to create websites and programs that run on Microsoft Windows. The technology used by Blend for these websites is Silverlight which permits the development of stunning graphics, similar to Flash but much easier in  my opinion.

Last week I had the opportunity to work on one of these Silverlight 3 websites using SketchFlow. If you are curious you can see the website, ehs Widgets.

As is often the case, one may find new uses for a tool other than what its creators intended. Today I needed to collaborate with a colleague in another state using a mind map. Mind maps are great tools for brainstorming and if you are not familiar with them you may want to either Google them or read about them at Wikipedia. Not wanting to purchase an additional program just to do mind maps, it occurred to me that SketchFlow could easily be used as a mind mapping tool with the added benefit that the completed map can easily be output as a Microsoft Word document; or even a website if one so desires!


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